Pio Diaz

Mirror Oddities

What happens if the mirror does not reflect a logical reality? If the mirror deceives us and show us a distorted reality?
Mirror Oddities consist of drawings, installations and objects, all of which make use of strong connotations. The works are appealing, alluring and through the use of materials such as hair, mirrors, glass , light and reflection, a world is built up of seemingly recognizable symbols. But all the works also reject these symbols. The viewer gets a hint – but no definitive answer .
For example mirror work Mirror lets the viewer see the reflection of the whole space surrounding him, but it is constructed so that he does not see himself. Thereby the work gets an added mystical dimension, where distortion of reality becomes an equally central element as the reflection, or the doubling of the same reality.
The wall pice Hair is central to the exhibition which reflects the same kind of duality. The work consists of hair, put up in a complicated hairstyle – like pattern that mirrors itself over a central axis right where the face should be. Instead of a person the viewer therefore sees a mirroring – even more hair.

In Mirror Oddities the mirrors do not reproduce the surroundings we know, but take us into a dark and Unheimlich universe where the recognizable is distorted into something strange, unreal or absurd. In the mirror we do not meet a pure reflection of our physical environment, but an artistic space where our inner and outer reality melts into one .

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